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Hive Maintenance + Lesson                                  $250   

   • additional $50/hour of maintenance

   • feel free to watch, learn + ask questions  

Monthly Lessons (one day/month)                      $150     

Beginner Beekeeping Lesson                              $150            


Up to 2 hours


We have a state of the art extraction line set up in a pristine, insulated shop - including a capper, extractor, clarifier, filter and large bottling tanks. Your honey will be untouched by other honey as we have a by pass for both tanks to ensure it is 100% your product.          

Bulk Buckets     $60/deep super | $50/shallow super

         • extract + fill          

Single Jars        $75/deep super | $65/shallow super

         • extract + fill          

Buckets (if needed from us)                             $5/bucket


Full Hive Cost                                                           $400         • consists of one super, nine frames

         (two honey frames, some brood/eggs), full of               bees, one queen

Nuc                                                                            $240

  • consists of three frames of various stages                   of brood (one capped), one frame of honey


Hive Set-Up                                                            $100           • additional $50 for smoker, hive tool

           + veil)

Hive Maintenance (to show up)                               $75

      • $50/hour for work on hive(s)

       • monthly maintenance $40/hour for

           work on hive(s) (3 month minimum


End of Season Hive Wrap (to show up)                $60

         • $50/hour for work on hive(s)          

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