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Terri Sehl is the owner and apiarist of Hammer Hives. 


Having grown up surrounded by a conservation area, Terri has always shown an interest in plants, animals, and the little critters that make our environment so diverse. The idea for Hammer Hives came to her in early 2017, and immediately she set out to work, studying everything honeybee-related including the essential existence of bees and pollination on a global scale, the abusive treatment of bees farmed for their honey by major corporations, and the colossal impact of the human way of life on our environment.


By 2018, Terri had built up a strong support system in the apiary community and was able to harvest her first season's worth of delicious golden honey. She now sells honey and beeswax products at The Ancaster Cheese Shop and Nest boutique on Locke st, as well as built her own community of investors and customers.


Hammer Hives mission is to educate about the positive impact honeybees and apiaries offer to communities and the environment, promote wellness with quality, pure, unpasteurized honey, and to promote a growing culture of locally sourced, fresh product.


Terri lives in Hamilton with her husband Mitch, their dog Rubi, and their three cats, Scotch, Zorro, and Jack-Jack.


honey for sale

All natural, raw, un-pasteurized golden honey.

250 G


500 G



1 kg

Bulk pricing and larger units available,

please contact for pricing and purchase!

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